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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2009 - Year of the Cyber Criminal

These pictures have been taken from the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). Here you have access to the latest IC3 reports. These images have been taken from the 2009 report.

As you can see the crime report rate went up in 2009 compared to previous years. The most money was also lost to internet crime in 2009 compared to previous years.

36.7% of reported money loss was between $100 and $999.99. The next biggest chunk of money lost wasbetween $1000 and $4999.99. That accounts for more than half of the money loss reported in 2009. The average age of complaintes came from 40-49 year olds with 22.7% and the next closest only .4% behind accounts for ages 50-59. Only 3% of monetary loss came from people 20 years old or less and only 19% came from people 20-29 years old.

I think the biggest reason for the gap in money loss and age is definitely a technology gap in the generations. The younger generations are getting taught about this sort of thing as early as middle school and at the same time the age group from 40-59 has to learn about this on their own.