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Thursday, March 25, 2010

AVG USB Tutorial

To install this to a USB drive the USB drive needs to be formatted in the FAT file system.

Copy all files to the USB drive after its formatted and make sure they are in the root drive like the above screenshot shows and then run the makeboot.bat. It will do its thing. If you run makeboot.bat on the HD it will destroy the operating system MBR and will render your OS unbootable.

Next you have to make sure the PC can boot from CD or USB via the BIOS info. Generally the BIOS info can be accessed via F10 or F2 depending on PC manufacturer. Once that is taken care of save and restart the PC and hit the escape key to choose the boot drive and select the AVG USB. From there on out its pretty much a DOS/Command Line utility which can be navigated with the arrow keys and the enter key.