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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Comodo Firewall Thoughts

Its layout is the same, but the latest version seems to have a refreshing new look. I was using ZoneAlarm Pro and it caused major lag within the operating system (Win7 x64 Pro) and with Firefox. After switching to Comodo I get a decent balance.

One of the reasons ZAPro was causing lag was its resource usage. Comodo doesnt have nearly the issues and it seems lighter than the older version I had used about a year ago.

The plus side of Comodos Firewall is its free HIPs. Its HIPs test has scored 100% in Matousecs ProActive security test (The 84 tests version not 184):

Its got a fairly nice and straight forward layout with plenty of options. It offers ARP Cache protection, protocol analysis, the ability to stealth ports, the ability to see EVERY single program that has inbound or outbound traffic and what ports are associated, it even has HIPS protection if you chose to turn on the Defense+ portion of the software.

Im not going to conduct my own leaktest on the firewall as Matousec has already done so. I would use the Comodo leak test, but clearly their software has been written to pass it. Ill just post some screenshots of the new layout.