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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do Anti-Virus Companies have hope?

I got this article emailed to me from Technet.

To start, let’s define antivirus protection. Simply put, it’s software that prevents malware from infecting computers. If that’s agreeable to you, I then have to ask why computers protected by antivirus apps are still getting infected.

To explore this further, I enlisted the help of Rick Moy, president of NSS Labs, a company with the following charter:

“NSS Labs performs expert, independent security-product evaluations to assist end-user organizations in selecting the right security products for their environment.”

I initially learned about NSS Labs while doing research for a piece about browsers and their ability to fend off malware.

I think this article is great and hits the nail on the head. The number 1 reason infections occur is because of un-educated computer users. They see popups while trying to run a program and just want it to run so they OK everything and let malware run without knowing it.