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Thursday, April 8, 2010

How To Block The Ad in Avast Anti-Virus v5 Free

Here is the ad Im talking about:

I try to run the lightest security setup possible so this tutorial is going to be how to block the ad in Windows 7's built in Firewall.

First thing you need to do is navigate to the Control Panel and click on Windows Firewall.

Then you need to get to the Windows Firewall Advanced settings which allows inbound and outbound rules. The basic options firewall just allows you to set programs to allow.

Click Outbound rules on the left hand side.

Then click new rule on the right hand side.

Select Custom at the bottom and hit next.

Then select "This Program Path" and browse to your Avast install directory and select the AvastUI.exe and hit next

Hit next on the Protocol and Ports screen, hit next on the scope screen, on the action page you want to make sure the bottom rule is selected to block.

On the next screen make sure that all profiles are selected: domain, private, and public. And hit next.

The last screen is just your naming convention and description for the rule. I recommend using something that will remind you of what the rule does.

And the aftermath. This is what your Avast v5 Anti-Virus free interface should look like if the rule was successfully entered.