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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MakeUseOf's Top 10 AV List

The list can be seen here:

This list is a joke.

A few posts ago I posted VB100 awards. MSE failed. There are more than 10 Anti-Virus apps that have passed that are free and MSE wasnt one of them.

AVG is alright, but its huge number of false positives would make it less than stellar for the average joe.

Avira Free is great. Its my favorite and I use the premium version here at home.

Avast v5 Free is also great. I have a tutorial on how to get rid of the ad in Avast v5 Free that makes it a little more appealing.

Malware Bytes Anti-Malware isnt an Anti-virus software, its a malware software designed to fill the holes that AV's dont. Not sure why its on the list, but it is a great piece of software none-the-less.

ComboFix is good as long as your stuck on Windows XP. The last time I used attempted to use it, it wasnt compatible on Vista or Win7.

ClamWin has pathetic detection rates. Unless of course they are referring to ClamWin-Immunet with Immunets cloud based detection as well and then it may be decent.

Panda Cloud AV is great and light. I use it on my netbook. Its one of the few set and forget AV's out that dont require any user intervention. That may scare some as it offers very minimal configuration opportunities.

Last but not least Comodo. Comodo has a great Firewall and HIPS (Defense +), but Ive never used the AV portion so I cant comment. However I hear good things.