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Friday, July 9, 2010

Sunbelt ClearCloud DNS Service

Sunbelt has released a beta ClearCloud DNS Service. It aims at filtering out malicious websites via DNS before the enduser actually gets to them. If the user happens to stumble across a website that is infected they get a warning screen from Sunbelt.

For more information on how it works:

How to set ClearCloud DNS up on your operating system:

Be sure to test out the DNS service to make sure its working by visiting these webpages:

Windows 7 Start Button Changer Updated

UPDATE: 11.04.10. Windows 7 Start Button Changer has been updated to v 2.5. Changes: Fixed some bugs & Recoded it from scratch.

For my personal favorite collection of start orbs visit this post here to get started:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to Automatically Update Your iTunes Library

I have recently imported my music collection into iTunes and it totals about 22Gbs on a 1.5TB external HD.

I was looking for a way to automatically import music into iTunes without having to manual add a folder or file every time from iTunes drop down menu. I also didnt want to use the built in iTunes auto-sync folder as it would defeat my library structure and require me to import all 22Gbs of music into my laptop HD where I dont want it.

I found a program called iTunes Duplicate Song Manager with Folder Watcher, iTunesDSM for short.

Here is a download link:

The best perk of all this is Windows 7 x64 compatible where other similar programs havent been updated since Windows XP or Vista and are only x86 compatible.

The first two images are what I paid particular attention to as they include the settings that I need to accomplish what Im looking for.

The music directions tab is self explanatory. You basically select the folders that you want to monitor for changes including .mp3 or iTunes video files.

The background monitor tab is also self explanatory. You either want it to monitor folders or you dont. If you didnt you wouldnt be reading this.

I didnt pay any attention to the start up tab as I dont want this starting with Windows. I only want it to monitor folders after I have moved my music into my main folder and have it organized and tagged the way I want before it gets imported into iTunes.

The iTunes settings tab can be confusing. Here I choose to default iTunes XML library and decided not to check either item. I let iTunes handle those tasks on its own with its own preferences.

Now on to it working its magic. To get started navigate to the "add tracks to itunes tab". Here iTunesDSM will compare your Library XML file to the folder that you have choose to house your music files. What ever doesnt match gets added.

From here iTunes takes over. I have my iTunes automatically configured to auto-volumize all songs and to automatically download album art.