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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rising Antivirus Free Review

First and foremost they have a free counterpart here:

Its running well on my Win 7 Pro x64 VM. Its one of the free AV's that allows you to turn off the news feed reader which is a nice touch. It offers free email scanning as well as their cloud technology. It has a nice built in captcha feature as well. If you change settings your required to do a captcha when applying the settings. It adds another level of protection and you also have the option to password protect them as well.

When doing a scan by default you scan the C: Drive (or what ever drive Rising AV is installed on I assume), the boot sector, memory, risks, and the system core.

Down to the manual scan. By default it has classifications by Types of Files, Types of Viruses, Split Compound Files, and Optimization options. Also built in is a heuristics engine that is default at medium.

With a scan done with default medium settings it took 22 minutes and 3 seconds to scan 75,485 files.

With a scan done on all default medium settings with the addition of scanning for suspected boot sector viruses, suspected Windows viruses, suspected malicious script, and suspected macro viruses the scan took 22 minutes and 22 seconds. For the increased scanning options and the measly 19 second addition its well worth it I would say.

By default it also has smart speedup which I assume is some sort of caching where it will only scan files with a changed date recently or something to that effect.

Overall it has a very clean and appealing interface. Lots of options that other free AV's dont offer such as the email IMAP and POP scanning, x86 has HIPS (working on the x64 version), and even has the ability to turn off the news feeds that others like Avast and Avira dont allow.

As far as detections I keep the settings as I did for the second test and everything I threw at it from MDL was detected. However that wasnt very much.

They have a huge list of certifications including VB100's and WestCoastLabs.