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Saturday, October 2, 2010

F Secure Antivirus 2011 Review

Recently I scored a free one year license to F Secure Antivirus 2011. I have had no experience with this antivirus up until now. So I decided to look at some testing. They use Bitdefenders virus database with an in-house heuristics engine called DeepGuard.

Currently they have scored a VB100 award for their 2011 AV which is good.

Going through AVC is more appealing. On AVC's false alarms report only two alarms were reported. They did great in the Performance test which is also a bonus with them placing in the top 5. The removal test is a little outdated with F Secure AV2010, but they still had good removal of malware and average removal of leftovers. hasnt tested the new AV yet, however they did test the 2010 Suite. shows some less than stellar scores to start out, but F Secure redeemed themselves and improved.

These tests certainly show that F Secure is a very good product and is improving.

Here is a list maintained at F Secure that covers the awards that they have received:

On my system F Secure is rather light weighing in at just under 50Mbs. Even more important than system resource usage is how it actually feels. I personally experience very little lag during startup and during every day operations, which consist of web browsing, checking email through eMClient, Office 2007 suite usage, and gaming.

When I first installed F Secure AV along side Look N Stop Firewall and PrevX SafeOnline (SOL) I was experiencing DeepGuard notifications for PrevX even though I had allowed it through F Secure. I sent out an email to F Secure and PrevX a few days ago and today the issue seems to have been fixed. Nothing is better than top notch detection rates and top notch customer service. Now on to the screenshots.