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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Safe Returner Pro License Giveaway-EXPIRED

In order to gain more readers here and to help out, Safe Returner and I have arranged for ten licenses to Safe Returner Pro to be given away.

The entries must be submitted by Tuesday December 21st, 2010 by 12PM (Midnight) EST (Eastern Standard Time). Anyone can enter into this give away so pass on the word.

The rules are as follows:
  • You must write a review and post it on a forum of your choice.  These reviews will be forwarded to Safe Returner so be honest. Your comments may be used to improve the program.
  • You must reply to this post with a link to your review.
  • You must include an email in the post that the license will be registered for. Without it you wont get your license. 
  • You must sign up for RSS feed updates from PC Babble.
  • Only one entry per person. If you use multiple emails you will automatically be disqualified. 
On Wednesday December 22nd, 2010 is when I will announce the winners.

All qualifying entrants will be entered into

At which point I will randomize the list. Screen shots of the qualifying user names will be posted here. The first contestant through the fifth contestant in the list will be the winners. I will need the emails of the winners to hand out the licenses as the license number is based on the email address so please be sure to include it in your post with your review link.

In the mean time here is a link to Safe Returner's description of Safe Returner and what it can do:

If you wish to trial the software before you enter into the contest you can do so via the download links here: