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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Spyshelter Update v5.01 and Customer Service

With the release of Spyshelter v5.0 early last week I ran into some issues.

One issue was Spyshelter had a splash screen at bootup that it wasnt supposed to have. After having gone through all of the settings and registry items I contacted support. At this time Spyshelter advised me to uninstall, reboot, and redownload to install again. Sure enough this did the trick only to introduce a new problem.

In the x64 version of Spyshelter in the settings menu. The autostart button would highlight like it was checked, but never checked. However Spyshelter would still start despite not having a start up entry.

After working with Spyshelter support on this issue they had a new release rolled out the next day and notified me via email. Sure enough all was good. So my hats off to Spyshelters dedicated coders and customer service.

With the latest update the layout looks identical to previous versions with a few small tweaks. The items render much faster than before. It still weighs in around 20Mbs running real time so its still very light compared to most other security software on the market today.

For specific pictures of Spyshelters GUI you can consult this post here: