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Friday, February 25, 2011

Keriver 1 Click Restore Pro (1CRP) Review

Ive been hearing alot of Keriver lately and figured Id see what all the fuss is about. Im a person who likes to have a backup of every computer I have in case of emergency. I think its the number one key to fighting malware. Sure go ahead and get infected, it doesnt matter, just restore a clean snapshot and your golden. You dont have to bog your system down with real time antivirus software and antimalware software, you dont have to run a limited user account or run programs with restricted rights. All you need is a solid backup solution and thats where Keriver comes in.

I normally use Paragon Drive Backup Pro v10 on my gaming rig which is the same rig Im using Keriver on for this review. They are a little different in their functionality. Paragon is important incase of total hard drive failure where as Keriver is important for recovering single files or folders, but not an entire HD image.

One important feature of Keriver is that it literally is one click. There are no configurations to mess up. This makes it extremely appealing to your every day user who may not have the technical background to get into VSS and worrying about creating a 1:1 shot of your HD.

Another thing I notice right off the bat is that the GUI is very minimal with the option to open an advanced dialogue box which gives you a few options. You can name your snapshot or you can choose what type of snapshot to create (Baseline, Differential, or Incremental) and thats it.

The main screen of the 1 Click Restore Pro allows you a few more options. It offers the ability to lock snapshots from being deleted, schedule tasks so you dont have to worry about having one, an event log to diagnose any mishaps, a snapshot locations page showing the HD vitals of where the snapshots are located, and of course a tab with some settings that dont really fall under anything else.

 Another very cool feature is the recovery ISO image. It allows you to install it to a USB, CD, or even external hard drive so you can recover your laptops hard drives in the case of failure. Only issue is on top of the 90Mb Keriver download the ISO is another 90Mbs.

Over all its a very light and snappy program weighing in at 4.5Mbs versus Paragon's Launcher weighing in at 22Mbs just to start the program up.

Overall I like the program. Its not as fast at creating backups like some of the other players in the arena, but Id rather have stable and reliable rather than speed. The GUI is second to none. Ive never seen a backup solution like this with such a well organized and snappy GUI.