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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Webroot SecureAnywhere Beta Review

The latest Webroot SecureAnywhere Beta was released this morning. I figured since I havent written a review in a very long time I was over due and what better time to do it.

This SecureAnywhere Beta incorporates a firewall, antivirus, and PrevX's Safe Online features for the browser. Essentially its a very light all in one software.

I installed Webroot this morning before work and did a little bit of tinkering with it. I found that it weighs in at 6Mb/s during a deep scan with 14% CPU usage tops and 70kbps I/O read and writes. That was upon initial installation. Boot up times dont seem to suffer at all. The GUI is very fast and snappy. Unfortunately its so new I havent been able to test the detection rates. Since Webroot bought PrevX its likely that the detection rates are atleast good.

The beta doesnt install with any bloatware or unwanted toolbars. Hopefully the public software remains the same. The GUI is very clean and logically layed out and the settings are plentiful (See Last screenshot). Overall I think they will do well if they can focus on working out the bugs while remaining light and of course detection rates.