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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Emsisoft Antimalware v6 Review

Emsisoft Antimalware V6 has a lot of under the hood enhancements this time around. Most notably the speed increases and lack of lag on the computer. I find it ironic that people complain about their security software taking up to many resources when at this time RAM, CPU’s, GPU’s, etc. are cheaper and faster than they have ever been in the past. The speed increase was the first thing I noticed. In Process Hacker (Task manager replacement) I am seeing very minimal I/O (.2 or less) and very little CPU (so little its not even registering).
The next thing I noticed was the lack of lag on my system running a scan. Usually I start a scan and walk away until its finished due to the CPU being at 95-99% throughout the entire scan. That’s not the case with this new version. During a full scan Im sitting at between 50-70% CPU usage. This is great. As a college student I can multi task and work on homework, get my scan done, and not have to worry about missing a deadline. 

For a full list of the not so obvious under the hood improvements visit Emsisoft here:

The next important thing when dealing with an Anti-Malware solution is the actually detection/removal. Unfortunately I use common sense and policy management on my admin account on my laptop so I rarely get an infection. What I can comment on is the sheer amount of signatures. There are 5,096,924 (read over 5 million) signatures in Emsisoft’s database. To double check and make sure its detection is working I used the Eicar test file. Within milliseconds of saving the text file it was picked up and removed. One of my favorite things is the surf protection. I have mine set to block everything silently except for other malicious hosts which are defined as malware that hasn’t been classified yet, but is malware none the less. I get the occasional popup letting me know something was blocked.

At this point Im very impressed with this new version of Antimalware. Previously I would install it for a week or two, my computer would get laggy, and I would remove it with quite a bit of time remaining on my license. However this doesn’t seem to be the case this time around. I will recommend this to anyone looking for a security solution and already have.